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The automation is the use of control systems to control industrial systems and processes and PLC play a fundamental role in this field.
For this reason the automation laboratory begins from the study of the PLC, to allow students the acquisition and the analysis of the techniques related to their programming and their use in control technology, then continues with the presentation of all applications, with the theme of process control and ends with systems for the study of pneumatic, electro-pneumatics, Hydraulics and dell'electro-Hydraulics.



Interactive Systems

Automatic Control Technology


Electric controls

Process Control





Mechatronics (CIM)



The design and construction of electronic circuits to solve practical problems is an essential technique in the fields of electronic engineering and computer engineering.
Therefore, it is necessary for students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of all the basic circuits, such as amplifiers, oscillators, filters, converters, and then to test their knowledge through simple, but important applications in the field of process control and PID techniques.
The products described in this section give students all that is needed to start their first steps in this fascinating world of Electronics.
Linear circuits, digital circuits, logic gates, significant applications coming from the real industrial world, all explained in a simple, gradual way through a combination of theory and experiments.
De Lorenzo offers two different versions, one that consists of closed panels, of very robust construction and clear serigraphy on the front, and another one composed of open boards with components at sight and provided with CAI software.


Panel System

Boards System (TIME)


Renewable Energies and Smart Grid

Renewable energies are those forms of energy that are generated from sources that regenerates themselves or are inexhaustible. Through our didactic systems we explain their operating principles: Photovoltaic solar energy, Thermal solar energy, Wind energy, Fuel cells, Biodiesel, Etc.


Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Thermal


Fuel Cells




Hybrid Systems

Hydroelectric power

Energy Efficiency

Smart Grid


Electrical Installations

This catalogue has been conceived for the presentation of the De Lorenzo panel type electrical installations laboratories.

It includes the series DL 2101T, for civil installations, the series DL 2102T, for industrial installations and the series DL 2109T, for the study of electrical measurements.
The modules composing the laboratories are made of real components assembled on isolated panels for insertion in work frames.
Unit symbols and standardized mimic diagram are displayed on the front panel and the connections are made via sockets meeting safety standards.




Electrical measurements



Home Automation

Laboratory for the study of the building automation technology.
Objective of the laboratory is to perform the automatic management of the buildings, both commercial and residential.

The performed functions are the following:

  • control of the light
  • control of the shutters
  • control of the heating
  • management of the loads
  • display, information, operator control, monitoring and detection
  • interfaces and other systems


Electric Machines

Electric machines laboratories: 0.2 kW, 0.3 kW and 1.1 kW.

Each laboratory is composed of:

  • basic autonomous benches with power supplies capable of providing all voltages, in AC or DC, fixed and variable and stabilized in order to develop a course on electrical measurements and electrical machines;
  • universal bases to assemble the machines and to couple them to the other machines of the laboratory;
  • motors, generators, transformers, brakes, RLC loads, instrumentation and accessories to perform any test on electrical machines.

Each electric machine is equipped with a comprehensive training manual showing all tests that can be performed at no-load and load conditions.


Test Bench

Openlab 0.2 kW

Electrical machine laboratory

Electromechanical constructions

Rated data vs real data



In this catalog we have tried to group all the systems that have been designed by De Lorenzo for the study of telecommunications in order to provide our customers with a wide choice to suit their specific needs.

The laboratory is divided into three broad categories:

  • ICT
  • Transmission Systems
  • Telephony


Transmission systems - board system




Power Electronics

Laboratory for the study of power electronics, that allows students a practical learning based on guided exercises.
Starting from basic principles, with the aid of detailed training manuals, the student follows a didactic path in a gradual and systematic study of complex circuits.



AC-DC conversion - Diodes and SCR

AC-AC conversion - TRIAC and phase control

DC-DC conversion - Chopper and switching supplies

DC-AC conversion - Inverter and frequency converters

DC and AC motor driving


Modules for the configurations

Scope acquisition


Electrical Power Engineering

This laboratory is focused on the topic of the generation, the distribution and the utilization of the electrical energy, used for both industry and domestic applications.
The trainer is composed of a set of modules for the simulation of the various subsystems forming a complete electrical power system, from power generation to energy utilization.

It can be subdivided into four major study areas:

  • Power Generation
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Protection Techniques
  • Energy Utilization



Power Generation

Power Distribution

Protection Techniques

Energy Utilization

Power engineering modules

Wind Power Plant

Smart grid

Scope acquisition



Laboratory that allows the theoretical study and the practical analysis of the problems related to the field of electrical and electronic technology applied to automobiles.

The laboratory consists of the following: a set of modules for the study of basic electricity and main electric circuits, a set of simulation panels for electric and electronic systems in modern automobiles, complete with dedicated software for demonstration of the relevant theory and introduction of simulated faults, a set of panels with real components for demonstration and a set of sectioned components.


Basic studies systems


Electric Circuits / Plants


Engine operation



Emissions Control



Green Engine

Industrial Vehicles



The laboratory consists of a set of simulation panels and of demonstrators with real components that allow studying and performing practical tests in refrigeration and air conditioning.

The simulation panels are supplied with a CAI software that allows students to develop all the learning activities through a PC.
If the PCs are connected to a computer network, a laboratory management software allows a complete control by the teacher of all the activities within the laboratory.
Both the simulation panels and the demonstrators are provided with a fault simulation system.


Air Conditioning


Heating and Sanitary Plants


Heat transfer

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