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Keithley Products and Application Insights Help Engineers Innovate

For more than 70 years, Keithley, a Tektronix company, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced electrical test instruments and systems for the specialized needs of electronics manufacturers in high performance production testing, process monitoring, product development and research.

Keithley has approximately 500 products that are used to source, measure, connect, control or communicate direct current (DC) or pulsed electrical signals. Keithley customers include scientists and engineers in the worldwide electronics industry involved with 3D sensing, advance materials research, semiconductor device development and fabrication, and the production of end products such as portable wireless devices.

DC Power Supply

Your application. Our DC power supplies

Benchtop Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Measurement performance to match bench and system applications

Keithley Source Measure Units

Source and measure voltage, current, and resistance in one unit

Keithley Low-Level, Sensitive and Specialty Instruments

Scientists around the world count on sensitive measurement solutions from Keithley

Keithley Switching and Data Acquisition Systems

Solutions for switching and measuring signals with exceptional accuracy.

Keithley Semiconductor Test Systems

Solutions to characterize semiconductor devices, materials & processes.

Arbitrary Function Generators

Tektronix arbitrary function generators offer accurate reproduction of standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability, and signal impairments.

Keithley Electrochemistry Solutions

High accuracy, sensitive instruments and systems to source and measure potential and current.

Keithley Control Software for Bench Instruments and Tektronix Oscilloscopes

Quickly capture meaningful data from your Keithley bench instruments and Tektronix Oscilloscopes

Keithley Accessories

Find all the accessories you need to complete your benchtop or rack-based test setup here.

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