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Keithley Indonesia

Keithley is now part of Tektronix

With you in mind we’re making it easier to explore, research, and select the test and measurement solutions you need – one stop for everything we offer. Now you can more easily learn about our products and solutions and find the exact fit for your requirements, including all of the Keithley products which are now available on our combined Keithley and Tektronix website. The Tektronix line of Keithley products spans an extensive range of electrical test instruments and systems used for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research -- here you will find all of the application information for your measurement needs.

Tektronix and Keithley DC Power Supplies

Keithley Source Measure Units

Tektronix and Keithley Digital Multimeters

Your application. Our DC power supplies Source and measure voltage, current, and resistance in one unit Measurement performance to match bench and system applications

Keithley Low-Level, Sensitive and Specialty Instruments

Keithley Switching and Data Acquisition Systems

Keithley Semiconductor Test Systems

Scientists around the world count on sensitive measurement solutions from Keithley Solutions for switching and measuring signals with exceptional accuracy. Solutions to characterize semiconductor devices, materials & processes.

Keithley Electrochemistry Solutions

Keithley Control Software for Bench Instruments

Keithley Accessories

High accuracy, sensitive instruments and systems to source and measure potential and current. Quickly capture meaningful data from your Keithley bench instruments Find all the accessories you need to complete your benchtop or rack-based test setup here

Distributor/Agen Resmi Produk Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Tektronix, Keithley, ED, De Lorenzo di Indonesia. Menjual Alat Safety, Tools Electrical

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Ruko Concordia SRB26 Kota Wisata, Bogor 16968 Indonesia

Phone :

2947 8974 , 2299 7129


0813 8222 8063


Address 1 :

Plaza Kenari Mas , Lt. LG Blok B121 , Jalan Kramat Raya No. 101 , Paseban , Senen , Jakarta Pusat 10440 , Phone:(021)22951202

Address 2 :

LTC , Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127, Mangga Besar, Tamansari, Kota, Jakarta Barat 11180

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