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Tektronix Indonesia - High Speed Digitizer

What is a High Speed Digitizer?

High speed digitizers are instruments that capture fast-changing electrical signals using analog-to-digital converters (ADC) and store digitized waveform data in fast memory. They are often multi-channel instruments to enable comparison of signals. In these respects they are similar to digital oscilloscopes, however digitizers may measure over a narrow range or include adjustable amplifiers to support wide signal ranges. They include high speed communications interfaces to transfer digitized measurements to an external computer for analysis.

High speed digitizers are often combined to form larger systems. Form factors include rack-mounted instruments as well as PXI, AXI or other mainframe acquisition systems.

Typical applications include automated testing and research, especially high energy physics. In these applications signal fidelity and reliability are critical.

Compare Tektronix High Speed Digitizers

These low profile digitizers are essentially full-featured oscilloscopes in a compact 2U "rack ready" form factor. They offer the same graphical user interface and performance as bench instruments but in a much smaller package.

5 Series Low Profile 6 Series Low Profile

5 Series MSO Low Profile

  • 8 analog/spectral channels or 64 digital
  • 6.25 GS/s sample rate
  • 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Closed Embedded OS only
  • Supports probes
  • 50 Ohm and 1 MOhm inputs

6 Series Low Profile Digitizer

  • 4 analog/spectral channels
  • 25 GS/s sample rate
  • 1 GHz to 8 GHz bandwidth (upgradable)
  • 2 GHz RF HW Digital-Down-Converter
  • Closed Embedded OS or Windows 10 OS
  • Run Self-Calibrate (SPC) with signals connected

High Performance Specifications on ALL channels

5 Series and 6 Series provides 12-bit ADCs, non-interleaved sample rate (up to 25GS/s), high effective number of bits (ENOB), and low noise across all input channels.

There is now an alternative from traditional PXI & AXI form factors that doesn’t require compromise in sample rate, bandwidth, user interface and easy to use remote capability.

Easy Programmatic Integration with Fast Data Transfers

Easy Programmatic Integration with Fast Data Transfers

Programmable interfaces are commands that allow users to automate their test racks using plug-n-play or IVI style drivers for environments like NI LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, C/C#/C+, .NET and more. Additional integration to VOSS Scientific DAAAC software can be provided via custom drivers.

Multi-Channel Synchronize & Remote Control

Synchronize, view and analyze up to 4 instruments together. Using a remote PC and TekScope’s Multi-Scope software. View and analyze data from multiple instruments on the same computer. Fast connections over a local ethernet connection!

Additional browser access can be used with E*Scope; type your IP address into a browser and LIVE control the instrument. Traditional control via a monitor, keyboard & mouse is supported as well.

Low Profile Digitizer - Rack and Monitor

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