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Thursday, 01 November 2018 04:07

KEW 3021A (NEW)

KEW 3021A (NEW)


  • Fast response and quick insulation test.
• 3 functions in one unit, insulation test with 4 voltage ranges,
 continuity test, AC voltage measurement
• 200mA measuring current on continuity testing
• Comparator function with PASS / FAIL and buzzer
• 0Ω adjustment at continuity measuring range
• Memory function up to 99 data
• Backlight LCD provides easy reading in dark locations
• Safety lock system prevents an erroneous operation
 on 500 and 1000 Volt ranges
• Safety standard IEC 61010-01 CAT III 600V
CE AutoDischarge
125V 250V 500V 1000V DCACV Resistance Continuitybuzzer Backlight AutoPowerOff

Insulation resistance


Thursday, 01 November 2018 04:01

KEW 5050 (NEW)

KEW 5050 (NEW)

Unpreceded Ior Logger!
• Provides simultaneous measurements and logs up to 4 channels
• Supports various wiring systems (Single-phase 2&3-wire, Three-phase 3&4-wire)
• World’s fastest 200ms interval for leakage current measurement
• Offers both traditional leakage / load current measurements
• Large graphic display and magnet on the back case to attach it on metal enclosures


USB External
Tuesday, 30 October 2018 08:53

KEW 3552 (NEW)

・World’s fastest measurement speed (0.5 sec.)
・Six ranges available for insulation
 resistance test (50/100/125/250/500/1000 V)
・Insulation measurement up to 40GΩ
・Diagnostic Insulation Test : PI, DAR

KEW3551 : Standard model

KEW3552 : With memory function

KEW3552BT : With memory and Bluetooth communication functions
  • Backlight
  • AutoPowerOff
  • 50V
  • 100V
  • 125V
  • 250V
  • 500V
  • 1000V
  • Resistance
  • USB
Tuesday, 30 October 2018 08:25

KEW 4105DL (NEW)

KEW 4105DL
4105DL [Cable Reel Set Model] NEW
4105DL-H [Hard Case Model] NEW
• 3pole and 2pole Earth Resistance measurement (0.01Ω-2000Ω)
• Waterproof design (IP67)
• Rotary Switch makes the user interface very intuitive
• Large LCD Display with Backlight
• Led to monitor correct / non correct auxiliary earth spike resistance
• Earth Voltage Measurement (AC/DC 0-300V)
• CAT Ⅳ 100V
  • WP
  • Backlight
  • AutoPowerOff
Cable Reel Set Model Hard Case Model
Thursday, 22 March 2018 04:29

Kyoritsu 4200 - Kyoritsu Indonesia

Kyoritsu Indonesia - Kyoritsu 4200

Tang Ampere Kyoritsu 4200 mampu mengukur tingkat ketahanan bumi antara 0,05 dan 1500Ω, tanpa menggunakan paku tambahan dalam sistem multi-pembumian. Menampilkan model jepitan besar yang dirancang untuk menjepit langsung ke aplikasi pengujian yang ditargetkan, Kyoritsu 4200 juga menyediakan kemampuan untuk mengukur arus AC

Thursday, 22 March 2018 02:45

Kyoritsu Indonesia - Kyoritsu 6315

Kyoritsu Indonesia - Kyoritsu 6315 Power Quality

Kyoritsu 6315 adalah penganalisa kualitas daya yang berfitur sangat lengkap. Kyoritsu 6315 mampu merekam berbagai parameter kualitas daya pada jaringan listrik satu dan tiga fasa. Selain kedua arus dan tegangan, Kyoritsu 6315 juga dapat mengukur dan merekam sudut fase, harmonik, daya semu, daya aktif, daya reaktif, energi aktif, energi semu, energi reaktif, faktor daya, arus masuk, gelombang

The success of a product often depends on how well it can handle power transients. To make this testing easier, AMETEK Programmable Power’s Asterion makes it easy for users to create custom waveforms that include transients. The output waveforms can include any or all of the following transients:

  • DROP. DROP causes the output voltage to go to 0 V for a specified time. The voltage change is instantaneous. At the end of the drop time, the output voltage will return to the value at the beginning of the DROP.

  • VOLTAGE SWEEP/STEP. VOLTAGE SWEEP causes the output voltage to change from the current value to a specified end value at a specified rate of change. VOLTAGE STEP causes an instantaneous change in output voltage to the specified end value. The end value will be held for the specified time. The final output voltage value of a sweep and a step transient step should be different from the value at the start of the sweep or step, or no change in output voltage will occur.

  • VOLTAGE SURGE/SAG. VOLTAGE SURGE and SAG are temporary changes in the output voltage. The output voltage will change from the current value to a specified value for a specified time. Surge is a change to a higher value, while sag is a change to a lower value. After the time has expired, the supply will set the output voltage to a specified end value. This value could be the same or different from the output voltage prior to the start of the surge or sag.

  • FREQUENCY SWEEP/STEP. FREQUENCY SWEEP causes the output frequency to change from the current value to a specified end value at a specified rate of change. FREQUENCY STEP is an instantaneous change in output frequency. The supply will hold the output frequency at the specified end value for a specified time. The final output frequency value of a transient sweep or step should be different from the value at the start of the transient or no change in output frequency will occur.

  • FREQUENCY SURGE/SAG. FREQUENCY SURGE and FREQUENCY SAG are temporary changes in frequency for a specified time. When programmed to generate a surge, the Asterion will change the current output frequency higher value. When programmed to generate a sag, the output frequency will change to a lower value. At the end of the surge or sag, the Asterion will set the output frequency to a specified end value. This value could be the same or different from the value present prior to the start of the surge or sag.

  • VOLT/FREQ SWEEP/STEP This transient type combines voltage and frequency changes into a single step. The Asterion will change both the output voltage and frequency simultaneously. While this transient is programmed as a single transient step, two list entries are required to store this information. As such, this type of transient takes two list entries.

  • VOLT/FREQ SURGE/SAG. This transient type combines voltage and frequency changes into a single step. The Asterion will change both the output voltage and frequency simultaneously. While this transient is programmed as a single transient step, two list entries are required to store this information. As such, this type of transient takes two list entries.

A custom waveform can consist of up to 100 different transients, and users can create and run this list of transients via the front panel, the remote digital interface using the Asterion Virtual Panels application, or SCPI commands. They can also store these lists in a library in the Asterion’s memory and quickly recall them when needed.

For more information about how to use this Asterion feature, or how to program AC transients in general, please contact AMETEK Programmable Power by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning 800-733-5427.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 07:57

How to Select a DC Power Supply

When selecting a DC programmable power supply there are many parameters to consider. Electrical specifications are perhaps the most important, but you also need to consider several other criteria. By taking it all into account, you’ll make the best choice for your application.

Thinking about which DC Power Supply is right for your application? Find out what to look for, with our new How-To Guide.

Sorensen DC Programmable Power Supplies

From benchtop DC supplies, modular power supplies to rack-mounted industrial power subsystems, AMETEK Programmable Power, is the leader in the design and manufacture of precision, programmable power supplies. Sorensen power supplies are used in R&D, test and measurement, process control, power bus simulation and power conditioning applications across a wide variety of industrial segments.

With strong brands, a broad product portfolio, exceptional precision power conversion and control expertise, proven power system integration capabilities and deep applications knowledge, AMETEK Programmable Power is your trusted "power partner."

Earlier today, FLIR announced the completely redesigned Exx-Series of advanced thermal imaging cameras for electro-mechanical, plant, and building maintenance professionals. With three new models – the FLIR E95, E85 and E75 - that offer a range of resolution capabilities, the cameras are a generational, technological leap that will help make it easier and faster for professionals to find heat-related trouble spots and fix them before they become big, costly problems. 

With this in mind, here are five key design and feature advancements that make the Exx-Series the new go-to thermal cameras for maintenance pros. 


  • Intelligent, interchangeable lenses – Not only does the new Exx-Series introduce interchangeable lenses in 24 degree, 42 degree and 14 degree fields of view, the lenses are also more intelligent. Older cameras required a manual calibration before adding new lenses, but now the lenses auto-calibrate, helping pros save time. 
  • Highest resolution screen – Simply put, the Exx-Series touchscreen offers the best imagery we’ve ever created for our thermal cameras. It’s 33 percent brighter with vivid colors that are visible for up to 160 degree viewing angle. Plus, the combination of a larger visible lens, our MSX® image enhancement, and UltraMax® super-resolution technology, improves image depth and clarity while also boosting the effective resolution by four times – up to 645,888 pixels – and thermal sensitivity up to 50 percent.
  • Laser distance measurement – The Exx-Series offers more than just a laser pointer. These cameras also have a laser receiver, so it can calculate distances between the camera and a target. This not only improves the autofocus response, but also adds critical data for reporting. 
  • On-screen area measurement – When scanning an area with the E85 and E95 models specifically, you can set a measurement box over a target and use laser distance measurement to calculate the square area inside that box. The camera saves the area measurement along with other image data, so you can create detailed reports that lead to faster repairs.
  • Larger screen, rugged design – Not only is the new touchscreen larger (at four inches) the Exx-Series cameras also feature a rugged, water-resistant, drop-tested design, and scratch-resistant Dragontrail™ cover glass. This is a camera designed for everyday use, and will be ready to go when you need it.

Extech recently announced the launch of the EMF510, a single-axis electromagnetic field (EMF) meter optimized for measuring extremely low frequencies (ELF). The compact new meter makes it easy to measure EMFs in the 30 to 300Hz frequency range, making it useful for applications from utilities to product development and engineering.

The EMF510 features an informative, oversized dual display indicating both EMF reading levels and the selected EMF range. Users can measure EMF/ELF levels in either milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (µT) units in two ranges up to 2000mG (200µT) with +/-5% accuracy. Useful data functions include data hold, as well as minimum and maximum readings. A bright backlight adds versatility for testing in dark job sites. The auto-power-off function preserves battery life and can be disabled for extended monitoring. 

The pocket-sized EMF510 is always ready for testing by utilities of EMFs found in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, with power lines and substations, as notable examples. Product development and electrical engineers can use the EMF510 to quickly assess EMF levels generated by electrical components such as motors and blowers. Homeowners can use the meter to measure EMFs in household wiring and appliances from vacuums and hair dryers, to electric and hybrid vehicles.

A wrist strap is useful for toting while a tripod mount lets users set up the meter with consistent placement to avoid variability in routine measurements (using an optional tripod, TR100).

The EMF510 is backed by Extech’s one-year warranty and comes with three AAA batteries.

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