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Extech recently announced the launch of the EMF510, a single-axis electromagnetic field (EMF) meter optimized for measuring extremely low frequencies (ELF). The compact new meter makes it easy to measure EMFs in the 30 to 300Hz frequency range, making it useful for applications from utilities to product development and engineering.

The EMF510 features an informative, oversized dual display indicating both EMF reading levels and the selected EMF range. Users can measure EMF/ELF levels in either milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (µT) units in two ranges up to 2000mG (200µT) with +/-5% accuracy. Useful data functions include data hold, as well as minimum and maximum readings. A bright backlight adds versatility for testing in dark job sites. The auto-power-off function preserves battery life and can be disabled for extended monitoring. 

The pocket-sized EMF510 is always ready for testing by utilities of EMFs found in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, with power lines and substations, as notable examples. Product development and electrical engineers can use the EMF510 to quickly assess EMF levels generated by electrical components such as motors and blowers. Homeowners can use the meter to measure EMFs in household wiring and appliances from vacuums and hair dryers, to electric and hybrid vehicles.

A wrist strap is useful for toting while a tripod mount lets users set up the meter with consistent placement to avoid variability in routine measurements (using an optional tripod, TR100).

The EMF510 is backed by Extech’s one-year warranty and comes with three AAA batteries.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 09:13

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Since 1971, Extech Instruments has focused on Test and Measurement tools built for the professionals, tradesperson and DIY’ers. Our single source strategy has made us the brand to turn to when it comes to tools that help prevent, identify and troubleshoot problems in a plethora of applications; whether it’s electrical, mechanical, maintenance, safety or environmental applications, our products are trusted by the professionals and are put to the test every day.

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The most effective way to diagnose this electrical consumption issue is by first targeting and tracking the appliances that are the typical energy draining culprits. I’ve already mentioned your air conditioning unit, but refrigerators, dish washers, clothes dryers, and desktop computers can also be a heavy toll on your bill. I recommend testing these appliances directly, with the use of an AC line splitter (allows you to test current without pulling out the outlet).

Now, in order to check your air conditioning, it’s going to either have to be a 120 volt plug-in to test with an AC line splitter, or you’ll need to call an electrician to pull off your electrical panel and test it. Remember, you’re testing electrical currents with the potential to be dangerous, so do not perform measurements with a meter that cannot handle the load (always check your CAT rating). And certainly do not make measurements which you are uncomfortable or inexperienced with.

Plug your line splitter into the outlet, your appliance into the splitter, and use your clamp meter to test the current on the splitter. Record your measurement, or, if you have a datalogging meter, leave it on and measure the appliance’s energy use throughout the day.

Once you have recorded your energy use you can compare these readings and decide what devices should be monitored, and cut down on time of use or eliminate it completely. It may be the case that upgrading your appliances actually saves you money in the long run. Energy star refrigerators use around 10 percent less energy than the federal minimum standard. Your dryer could be using 20 percent more energy than an energy star model and your washing machine 25 percent more. Desktop computers and electronics, which many of us keep on over the course of the day, are actually more of an expense than you might think, so it may be advantageous to monitor these devices as well.

An electrical clamp meter and an AC line splitter will allow you to run around your house and audit your power use in order for you to make informed decisions about what you’re using, when, and how much it could cost (or save) in the long run. All in all, this powerful tool gives you options, but if all else fails, you’ll have the option of having sacrificed on your air conditioning, just like last year.

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