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ED Indonesia

Based on its solid career and reputation as a world's leading laboratory equipment supplier, ED is making great stride in new, latest IT technology. The company is actively throwing its energy into a diversified business realm such as intelligent robots. To secure highly distinctive technology and meet the market demand more rapidly, ED is aggressively finding and fostering Its core competency in the new growth dynamics industry. It is enlarging investment capacity for better future.

Didactic Equipments, ED not only develops but also manufactures a variety of educational training systems and training kits covering the basic theory to experimental contents in the field of most advanced IT and automation training. The company's core technology, technical expertise and quality are well recognized by the world..

Test and Measurement, Continues to develop a series of highprecision, high-quality advanced test & measuring instruments under technical cooperation with overseas R&D partners in order to improve the company s market share in sales of general-purpose test & measuring instruments that can be used in industrial site or learning institute.

Intelligent Robot, Having achieved a number of National Growth Dynamics Program hosted by the Korean government, the company is well proven to develop Intelligent Robot Platform and Robot Design Kit. It also diversifies its business into a commercial sector by introducing ARO, an Information Service Robot applicable to various fields such as restaurant, bank and amusement park.

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Distributor/Agen Resmi Produk Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Teledyne LeCroy, Kikusui, ED, De Lorenzo di Indonesia. Menjual Alat Safety, Tools Electrical

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LTC , Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127, Mangga Besar, Tamansari, Kota, Jakarta Barat 11180

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