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DC Bench Power Supplies

Sorensen Bench-Top DC power supplies

Bench-Top and Rack-Mounted power supplies

From benchtop supplies to rack mounted industrial power subsystems, AMETEK Programmable Power is the design and manufacturing leader of precision, programmable power supplies. The voltage range for the AMETEK DC bench supplies is 7V to 600V and the current range is 0A to 1,000A producing a power output of 0W to 840W. Select from the models above to find the right fit for your application.

What are Bench-Top Power Supplies?
The term "bench power supply" is used to informally describe power supplies that are light enough to place on a bench. Bench-top power supplies are stand-alone units that are most often used for circuit testing and development.

What are Rack Mount Power Supplies?
The term "rack mount" refers directly to standard electronic equipment racks. Rack mount power supplies are designed to be housed into one of these. The standard electronic equipment racks often hold several different power supplies to run multiple tests.

Model Voltage Current Power Overview  
XT Series 7V - 250V 0A - 6A 0 - 60W Programmable linear DC power in a quarter-rack package  
XPL Series 18V - 56V 1A - 3A 30W - 125W Economical and compact benchtop power supply  
XEL Series 15V - 250V 0A - 6A 75W - 180W User-friendly 90W Linear Benchtop Supply  
XDL Series 35V - 56V 1A - 5A 105W - 215W Digitally-controlled benchtop power supply  
XBT Series 15V - 32V 3A - 5A 0 - 222W True triple output digital benchtop power supply  
XPF Series 35V - 60V 10A - 20A 175W - 840W Benchtop power supply featuring dual isolated outputs.  
HPD Series 15V - 60V 5A - 20A 0 - 300W 300 Watts in a quarter-rack wide chassis  
XPH Series 18V - 150V 2A - 10A 175W - 420W Compact, high performance low cost power supply  
XPD Series 8V - 120V 5A - 67A 0 - 500W 1/4 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies  
XHR Series 7V - 600V 1A - 130A 0 - 1000W 1000 watts of DC power in a compact half-rack package  

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